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  • Across The River
  • Campaign Finance: Abuses and Reform
  • Challenge to America
  • Critical Condition
  • Duke Ellington’s Washington
  • High Tech Jobs – School to Work
  • Juggling Work and Family
  • Making Schools Work
  • Pathways to Success
  • Rediscovering Dave Brubeck
  • Seeking Solutions
  • Surviving the Bottom Line
  • The Greening of the Class of ’94
  • The People and The Power Game
  • Surviving the Bottom Line

    A four-hour PBS mini-series reporting on the impact of the global economy on the American middle class, from the influence of Wall street on corporate downsizing, to the high-tech economy of California, how to educate high school students for the new economy, and several episodes of saving business, jobs and plants by innovative labor-management collaboration. Hedrick Smith covers what drives the New American Economy and the choices Americans can make to determine their economic destiny. This four-part documentary series moves beyond Smith’s prize-winning Challenge to America. From Wall Street to the Mexican maquiladoras, Smith shows how the forces that have generated American growth and dynamism are also producing job instability for millions of middle-class Americans. Systemic changes in education and new kinds of labor-management cooperation bode well for greater U.S. competitiveness and a better living standard.

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    Executive Producer/Correspondent: Hedrick Smith
    Producers: Barak Goodman, Christopher Koch, David Murdock, Marc Shaffer
    Coordinating Producer/Production Manager: Sandra L. Udy
    Editors: Bill Creed, Paul Donvito, Riva Freifeld, Cliff Hackel
    Field Producer: Ariadne Allen, Melinda Crane-Engel, Tia Lessin, Kate Roth
    Associate Producer: Tom Jennings, Jenny Smith

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    Running time: 4-part series, each part is approximately 1 hour
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