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  • Seeking Solutions

    This 2 ½ special profiles the powerful and successful responses that six American communities have developed against crime and violence to reclaim their neighborhoods and to protect their children. Seeking Solutions, explores what Americans can learn from grassroots campaigns and daring individuals from Oregon to South Carolina – who have found effective answers to teen violence, street crime, drug dealing and hate crime. The program mixes compelling documentary segments and public dialogues on gut problems that roil communities from coast to coast. Individual PBS stations all across America created their own 30-minute programs on local anti-crime efforts as companion pieces to the national broadcast of Seeking Solutions.


    Executive Producer/Correspondent: Hedrick Smith
    Producers: Ariadne Allen, David Murdock, Marc Shaffer
    Coordinating Producer/Production Manager: Sandra L. Udy
    Editors: Bill Creed, Cliff Hackel
    Field Producers: Tom Jennings, Lee Harvey
    Associate Producer: Fenell Doremus, Teresa Gionis, Jenny Smith

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    Running time: 3-part series, each part is approximately 45 minutes
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